The GBRP will yield a wide range of significant benefits to Nunavut residents and to other Canadians, including:

  • Boosting Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) through infrastructure-induced northern resource development – just the development of MMG Canada’s Izok Corridor Project, in concert with construction of GBRP infrastructure will, over a 15-year period, raise Nunavut’s GDP by a total of $5.1 billion and Canada’s by $7.6 billion
  • Stimulating new mineral exploration and development activity in the resource-rich Slave Geological Province
  • Supporting the economies of the Northwest Territories, Alberta and other jurisdictions that have extensive business relations with western Nunavut
  • Generating significant amounts of employment for northern residents in a region that currently suffers from very high levels of unemployment
  • Strengthening northern sovereignty, safety and security
  • Providing access to infrastructure for federal government departments and the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Connecting Nunavut to the rest of Canada and the world
  • Providing Nunavut communities with access to goods and services from the Northwest Territories and beyond via a new overland route
  • Improving food security and reducing the cost of living in western Nunavut communities
  • Providing cost-effective and climate change resilient transportation options for diamond mines in the Northwest Territories - potentially extending the operating lives of these economically-important projects
  • Connecting Yellowknife with shorter access to tidewater and commercial shipping routes